The apartments which take up more space

The type of apartments that occupy large space are generally suitable for those people who want to live in big homes or who have the large family who needs to be accommodated in a large apartment. So, these kinds of people love to move towards large apartments. There are different kinds of large apartment so people have to know details about them before they final any decision about their shifting to a specific apartment. Some of the most common large sized apartments contain classic eight apartments, penthouse apartment, railroad apartment, shotgun apartment, sky-rise apartments, duplex apartments triplex apartments and many others.

Talking about classic eight apartments we come to know that it is relatively larger than many of the traditional apartments. As its name suggests that it is a type of apartment which consist of eight rooms available freely to manage a large or extra large family. Such kinds of apartments are mainly suitable for those families who love to live in the joint family system. So, many of the families combine to make a single family and search for a place where they all can live together easily at a single place while maintaining their privacy and individual identities. Classic eight apartments consist of alms six bedrooms, dining room and living room to.

There is a large kitchen present along with the attached and separately available bathrooms. Closet can also be present in some of the rooms whereas a maid’s room of smaller size can additionally also present in these apartments. It is a fat that such kinds of apartments are very uncommon in the western countries because there are generally smaller families who do not love to live in large apartments. So, we can rarely find this kind of apartment in those countries.

Railroad apartments are a type of those apartments which consist of a large number of rooms joined by some ways in a single building. Such apartments form an accommodation unit where all rooms are present in a single or straight line from every direction. There is a single man door for all of these rooms whereas attached or separate bathrooms can be present accordingly. Every room has a door opening into the hallway whereas all the rooms kept connected with the help of hallway. Such kind of apartments also ensures the privacy but a large number of people can live individually at a same place. Railroad apartments are present in those areas where student or workers are present in a large quantity.

Shotgun apartments are built with the intention same as that of the railroad apartment. However, they vary slightly from the railroad apartment. Shotgun apartments are also present at the large surface area and can occupy a large number of people in a single apartment. There is lager number of rooms present which are interconnected with each other without the presence of any hallway, closet or any other thing. French doors are present in these kinds of large apartments.